Inserted file not inserting to origin?


Hi, I am hoping there is a simple solution to my dilemma. I am inserting one skp file into another ( sketchup 2017 pro) but the file does not insert with it’s origin aligning with the recipient file origin. It does with another pair of files for which I have aligned origins, but not this one. Can anyone think of a reason for this, or is one of my files possibly corrupted. Or is this an issue with sketchup 2017, which I have only just upgraded to.

Many thanks in advance for any suggestions.


Can you share the files?

The imported file will come in with the axis alignment and origin based on its SKP. If it is geo-located, that can cause some weird behavior when importing into another file whether that other file is geo-located or not.


Dear Dave R,

Sorry for my delay in response, I havent been able to get to sit at my computer for the last few days.
Thank you for your response and being so prompt.

One of my files is geo-located. Is there anyway to overcome this issue with geo-location?

Thanks again,



It’s probably a good thing that you haven’t been able to sit at your computer for a few days. More of us should have that problem. :slight_smile:

You can remove the geo-location attributes in a model by going to Window>Model Info>Geo-Location and click on Clear Location.


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