Insert mark missing in Ruby console Sonoma

Since updating to macOS Sonoma, I don’t see the insert mark in the Ruby console when I edit a line. The cursor is visible, but click to set an insert/edit point in a line and nothing appears. Edit and insert both work, but I have to be very careful or they hit the wrong spot, and I waste time correcting corrections! Anyone else seeing this?

I can’t reproduce it on Windows, though I’m not sure what the problem is you mention…

(I moved the topic, I think you get more “reliable” responses in here)

The problem occurs if I try to edit the current input using the arrow keys or the mouse cursor to set the edit point. Nothing appears in the command line to indicate where the insert/edit will occur. This is different from every other edit I use, in which a vertical bar like this:
Screenshot 2024-04-14 at 7.39.31 AM
shows where the edit/insert will occur.

missing mark

In Windows I do have a blinking vertical bar at the cursor position. Can be Mac only issue.
Did you tried different graphic engines / settings?

In Windows there is a text cursor indicator, thickness settings (accessibility), which also apply in SU.
Don’t you have such in Mac?

I have it in sonoma on this machine.


last week, I upgraded from ventura to sonoma, and I immediately saw the thick insert mark that came with it. I like my insert mark super thin, either black or white, the new one is thicker, it uses the contrast colour (red in my case), and if you press keys like shift, it shows under it.

after looking around I found this

and it worked. I now have the old thin cursor.

So I can’t tell you if I’m getting the insert mark because it’s normal and your mac has a problem, or if it’s because I simply kicked sonoma’s new thing out the window.

I tried that, thanks. It reduced the fat insertion point cursor to a thin one again, but didn’t affect the problem in SketchUp.

On further study, the insertion point cursor is present the first time I type into the Ruby Console - like in the video you shared - but not after I submit the first command. It comes back for the first input if I quit and restart SketchUp, but then vanishes again after entering a command. Try typing

puts "foo"

and pressing enter. You should see results in the upper panel. The try typing it again and see if the insert cursor reappears. For me it does not.

Very strange!

ok same here, The fat / thin cursor has no relation then. it’s an actual bug.

Anyone on an older macos can try ?

Ok, I just encountered the situation in apple Mail

Could well be sonoma messing around.

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