InputBox tab order

Inputbox seems to assign the tab order of the fields randomly.
Is this on the bug list?

Apparently not since it has been this way as long as I know.

I think drop downs are always lat (or was it first?) but all other elements are in order. It’s not completely random but it’s a little annoying.

It’s random.
I have one Inputbox with this order showing tab order to right:

  1. Enter 3
  2. Drop Down 2
  3. Drop Down 1 (initial cursor location)
  4. Enter 4
  5. Enter 5
  6. Enter 6
  7. OK button 7
  8. Cancel Button 8

And another:

  1. Drop Down 1
  2. Enter 2
  3. Enter 3
  4. Enter 4
  5. Drop Down 8!
  6. Enter 5
  7. OK button 6
  8. Cancel button 7

That doesn’t look particular random to me. Drop downs are first but in reversed order, then text inputs and buttons last. The only thing that stands out is the first inputbox initially focusing on the last dropdown while the other initially focused on the first. Except for that the pattern is identical.

Not quite: In the second inputbox the first drop down is first and the last drop down is last.

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