Input values and actual values differ

Hi guys. Having a problem with the values on this program. For example, I want to draw a rectangle. I draw the shape and then at values I enter 80, 40 but the rectangle is resized to 80x715.6? Anyone know it’s a setting or something I can check?

Do you use a comma as the decimal separator? If so, use a semi-colon and no space. Type 80;40 and hit enter.

Dave could be right, but you presented your result as 715.6 not 715,6 so that seems less likely. Also I haven’t had issues with a space after the separator.

715.6/40 = 17.89 is a weird ratio that doesn’t correspond to any units conversion I know. It seems likely that something else is going on. For example, do you let go of the mouse, type your values, then hit enter before moving the mouse again? Is the behavior repeatable, or do you get different results?

Ya that worked. :see_no_evil: thanks for the help guys. Feel a bit silly now. Was using , between values instead of ;