Information HUD, GUI, small window - what are the options?

Hello. I want the Ruby script to periodically check whether certain TAGs are present inside the model. This is not a problem as I already managed to code it. The problem is with presenting that information to the user. I know how to set up a warning message in case a certain TAG is not present in the model, but I’d like to have a small UI window that would dynamically show whether the tag is present in the model or not.

I can create such a window with HTML/JavaScript code, but for the purpose I need it takes quite a lot of real estate while all I need is something as simple as text in the bottom right corner of the screen which would show me the current status of TAG detection.

What are the possible ways of adding it?

For SketchUp 2023 and later this can be done with an Overlay.

For older versions it would have to be a screen note.


Thank You, Ill check this out.