Info tabs on right hand side to big in latest version sketchup shop

Hi. the latest version of sketchup shop has over sized right hand side menus which obliterate almost half the drawing area. I tried clicking on the side margin but it made little difference. Is there a way to reduce the width of these option panels??

Change the zoom level of your browser.

Thanks Box that worked!
At first I thought your suggestion was not going to work but imagine my surprise when it did!
Thank you!

It would be a good idea if They could provide an option though to allow some horizontal adjustment of the width of the fly out panels

Thanks box that suggestion worked. By the way, tech support later also suggested another solution. If you select CTRL and either minus or plus key, you can zoom the size of the toolbars to make them smaller and make more space for the drawing area.
So two good ways to resolve the issue!

Ctrl with the scroll wheel will also zoom in and out, there are several ways to change the zoom level.