Inferencing in Layout Issue

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I’ve created two pages in Layout. The inferencing on the first page works as expected, but the second page I cannot inference to anything point. What am I doing wrong?

Thank you.

might you be able to share the sketchup file too??
It may be an edges issue there?

It feels like the heavy line layer is masking what’s below it, as if its a transparent overlay?. If I move that out of the way I can inference on what was below it to items on the light layer.

White rabbit is sort of on to it. When you have entities stacked in LO like multiple viewports, the one on top can make it difficult to access the viewport underneath. That’s why you have a layer for each viewport. If you need to inference off of points in one lower in the stack, you need the upper ones out of the way. You can move them like w.r. did or better, just turn off the visibility of the layers for the ones higher in the stack. That way you don’t have to reposition a viewport.

Another issue could be you’re inferencing to section cut lines which doesn’t work so well.

Mark, while looking at your LO file I notice that your DIMENSIONs layer is below the layers for the viewports. You will have layers disappearing behind the viewports.
Screenshot - 3_1_2020 , 7_02_06 AM

FWIW, @whiterabbitdesigncompany there’s no need to ask for the SketchUp file when the LayOut file has been shared. The LayOut file contains the SketchUp file.

May I ask if you had any luck with inferencing on any one, single layer? I had only the ‘heavy’ layer on and still it would only inference to a few select entities - it seems at though SU will snap to any entity that isn’t a product of a section cut. Weird, because - as you can see in the first page ‘Existing Basement’ - everything inferences correctly.

I got called away but I’ve had more time to poke at this. You’ve got a section cut face probably added with TIG’s plugin. You set the edges to be hidden so LO can’t snap to them and the section cut face gets in the way of the edges below preventing inferencing to them. I unlocked the section cut face group in the model, then opened it for editing and unhid all of the edges. After saving the changes, inferencing works as expected in LO.

I made the DIMENSIONS layer active before adding the dimensions. Notice how the extension lines disappear under the walls.

FWIW, you might do well to purge unused stuff from your models once in awhile. There are a large number of unused styles in this one.

After purging the unused:

I dont think this is the first time you’ve mentioned this to me! I suspect it wont be the last :slightly_smiling_face: I rarely have Layout files shared with me and are too used to mine as separate entities and forget you can extract the SU from the LO…and judging by the evidence will continue to do so.

Also, regarding this issue, the heavy line section in the model could be context clicked to “make group from slice” and would allow inferencing again in the layout file once updated?

Thanks so much to everyone. I’m on my way again.

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