Inference on Tape Measure tool 2017



Hi, can’t seem to get head around inference when using tape measure tool in 2017 pro. Doesn’t seem to release from inference unless I click off tool & click open again. Can anyone please tell me how to turn off inference if possible?


I’m not understanding from your description what you’re having difficulty with but there is no way to disable Infrencing.


You can’t ‘turn inference off’ in general. But if what you mean is that (for example) you have set the Tape Measure tool just to measure along one axis by tapping an arrow key, just tap the key again to toggle THAT inference direction off.

Can you give an example of what you are having trouble with?


Thanks for replies. Didn’t realize tapping arrow key disables. Many thanks.


It doesn’t disable inferencing, just toggles the constraint to a single axis direction between on and off.


Many thanks John.