Industries curation


Does anyone find something odd in this picture?

There are 509 extensions available and most of them are featured in almost all Industries. How is this useful for anyone as a means to filter out relevant extensions?

Is anyone checking if the industries tags are used properly?

Maybe the Industries category could be left as a SketchUp staff curated list? Or should it be left unbiased?

Should extension developers create a short description of how is the specific extension is relevant in each industry they choose to feature in. Or rate it accordingly from 1-5 in each industry and, for the users, set the default listing as “Most Relevant”?

What are your thoughts on this?

Also, for some reason, the “Most Relevant” and “Most Popular” listings are not working at all. If I choose either of them, then it goes back to “Title A - Z”.

My thoughts of this is that extensions are, most of the time, generic. They fit all those industries.

Also, many of those industries deal with the same things. The built environment being the most relevant common ground in all of them… I think buildings might be unfit only for one industry (Other)

The categories seem to be doing a good job at sorting all the generic extensions right now.

The industries section could be left for the really specialised ones by forcing developers to either put their plugin in one of the generic categories or as an Industry specific tool (limiting to max 2-3 industries)


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