Indigo Renderer licence for sale

I’m selling my Indigo Renderer 4 (latest release) licence, includes 2 node licences. Note that it is the full version, not the RT. It’s good for upgrades up to the release of version 5, which is still some ways off as the current release is 4.2 and interim stable releases increment in even numbers (thus 4.4 / 4.6 / 4.8 still to come).

It’s a GPU renderer (OpenCL), it’s relatively fast and good. It is supported under multiple platforms (Cinema 4D / SketchUp / 3D Studio Max / Blender / Revit) and has a standalone Rendering Studio as well, you can tweak things here if you’re not quite happy with the settings available in the supported platform.

Currently retailing at:

  • 595 Euro
  • 835 US Dollars

Reasonable offers, via PM, will be considered.

Reason for sale: unfortunately life happens.

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This has been sold.

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