Increased parametric function


This maybe something for a wish list & I accept that I am comparing with other more expensive solid modeling software.
For example, is it possible to create say a flat plate, then add holes to the plate in a way that the hole diameters & hole position, relative to edges, can be controlled & edited using something like the dynamic component method ?

None of the dynamic component tutorials I have seen so far appear to do the thing I am referring to, unless I am missing something. I have uploaded an example of what I would like to achieve.
Bobplate with holes.skp (85.0 KB)

Thanks for the 2 replies, I will experiment more with dc’s & no doubt learn as I go


Why not just use the actual Dynamic Component function itself?



Yes. It is all doable in a dynamic component, even in several ways. The idea is to split the object intelligently (depends on the actual application) into subcomponents and to control their scale and position with parameters and formulas.



To get the job done I had to use solidworks for the design stage & then convert the finished item back to su for the client, not very efficient I know.
In most jobs I am starting with models that I need to edit in various ways during the design process.
I quote the simple example of a flat plate with a number of hole cut into the plate & often the models are more complex than just a flat plate with holes.
With the flat plate (rectangular solid) I can control length, width & thickness with the x,y,z attributes.
Then I add a simple hole pattern (circular holes)
All ok until I want to edit hole locations or diameters, I can’t see a way of doing that.
Worse still, if I try to edit the x,y,z dimensions of the original plate the holes “stretch” with those changes & are no longer circular.
Should I be using the solid tools ? ie the plate is one item & the holes are another, then subtract holes from plate ? a bit like doing solids in autocad ? but then, as with autocad, the editing becomes complex.

Thanks pcmoor,
I did the first part ok, the moving & scaling, I hope to get time later in the week to try the cutting planes & will need to read up on that part. Will advise how I go.


Parametric changes can be applied by using the scale tool, to change the 200mm hole you have as example, first select all the parts of the hole, start scale (S) then move over diagonal grip, high lights, move down to middle, green/red select and press control (keeps the centre), move and release. then type 100mm,100mm and enter…now you can continue parametrically to change by using units (",’,mm,cm,m) or scale 1.5,1.5 etc

Press M, and move by distance required 100 enter no ? then type 50 enter, or change again by typing 25 enter. Even try using units after the digits… By moving selected geometry you have all the customisation you want.

However if you have a standard form with a selection of holes which you are likely in some way use again then build a DC.
To build a DC hole you have to create two cutting planes one either end, therefore two sub components. then you place them in the plate component and control them using the plate and their attributes. If you decide on a DC, then post an example and we can help you make it “move”