Increase the contrast of Visible / Invisible icons in the LAYERS tray


The graphic interface was greatly improved in 2017, but in the LayOut LAYERS tray I have a hard time distinguishing between the visible and invisible layers icons. It is a bit too subtle and small on a big screen, even a high resolution screen. Could the contrast be increased a bit, or is there someway I could do that myself?


you could replace the incredibly ‘lame’ attempt used for the closed eye…

They are kept in Layout >> Content >> Resources folder…



Excellent Idea. Now if I could just find that PDF file. Am I on the right track here? Thanks


Applications >> SketchUp 2017 >> LayOut [Right Click] >> Show Package Content >> Content >> Resources…

Find the file and Right Click >> Make Duplicate [just incase]…

Double Click the file to open in Preview or R Click >> Open With for another program…



Thanks. I was not able to alter the icon, for whatever reason But I could make it disappear, which does the trick for me for now. At least I don’t have to squint at the screen.


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