Increase intensity of bounding box colour in Web free

I’m running to problems with being able to identify lines, groups and components in web free for editing. I’ve changed styles etc but still find that there is not enough stand out of selected items. Is there any way to enhance the highlight to make it/them standout?

Can you show a screen shot of what you are seeing? I don’t find the bounding boxes difficult to see on my screen.

There aren’t any settings for adjusting it in SketchUp Free but you could probably make some display adjustments in the OS settings.

Here you go.
Right front vertical selected.

Group selected.

Upper and lower front horizontals selected within group

Difficult to see.

This looks like graphics thing. To what do you have display scaling set?

Edges inside a group selected.

It’s set to default for Mac.

Think it’s the safari V Firefox thing again.

Same model same selection.



I guess I’ll stop using Safari.


Safari hasn’t ever been recommended for running SketchUp for Web so that’s probably a good thing. And it’s good you sorted it out.

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