Inches and feet

What is the difference between inches and feet and how to fast convert this both?

An inch is a twelfth of a foot. It is also equivalent to 25.4mm.

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Given that this is a forum devoted to a particular CAD software, what is the point of the question? Drawings are done at real world (=full) scale. Dimensions can then be in whatever unit you like, so there is no need to convert them. Equally, when drawing, you can input dimensions in metric or imperial and it will make no difference. The only important thing is how you choose to output material.

If you do need to do conversion separately (if you were asked to draw something from a non scaled pencil drawing with imperial dimensions, say), there are online converters that will do the job for you if you don’t want the hassle of using a calculator.

inches to feet

feet to inches


Thank you all for your answers. Because I cant get used to feet and inches. I found a great review about What is the Difference Between Inches and Feet? | Differencebtwn

Is there some reason you need to get used to them now?

I moved in new country.

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Welcome to the wonderful world of fractions and 12 based systems. Embrace it, they’re awesome.

I still consider the metric system as the best achievement of the French revolution of 1789. Even the imperial measurements rely on the metric system for their accuracy (the definition of an inch is a length unit of 25.4 millimeters).


I got two of them

everyone has different sized feet…


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You’ll find this handy.
Everyone who works with footric dimensions has one.
Decimal Equivalents Chart.pdf (861.4 KB)

You might find Tig’s Dual Dims useful, it allows you to show both Metric and Imperial.

If you have spent our life working in the Metric system, you will find the Imperial system crazy and cumbersome. Have fun!

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