In updating the layout from sketchup

I try to update my layout and to work on my tags in display of other features, in working with either of this takes nearly to more than 10 minutes, I think it’s not normal like this.I please need help.That’s the layout link copy bel…

We can probably help, please upload the .layout file.

On it sir please

That is the layout file…

You there please?

Can anyone help please?

The forum isn’t quite like Discord, or other instant messaging places. People come and go when they can!

Can you give some directions, of something we can try with your file to show the problem?

You are trying to Vector render a model with more than 4.6 million entities. Naturally it is slow. Better use Raster rendering for all viewports. It will look OK if you use High resolution for output, with no Jpeg compression. The model bloat is in the entourage elements, especially in two “Indoor plant004” components that take more than half of your entire polycount.

Appreciated it works well with you.