IN LAYOUT, GROUP DUPLICATE (Group act like a component)-

Hi Guys, In Layout, can a group be duplicated and act like a component in SU. (A linked copy) For example, I have a Bill of Material wich I would like to appears on every pages (not necessarily all of em and not at the same position). Right now, when I change an info, I need to re-copy the BOM on all pages… Thx

You can place your repeating information on a layer that is set to be shared on all pages. Then, on pages where you don’t want it to show, you can turn it off. See how the titleblocks in the LayOut templates are done.


Anssi has the answer. It is what I do for title blocks. Certain aspects of a title block need to be the same on every page (client name, project name, project number, etc), but others need to be specific to the page (drawing title, scale, etc). So some blocks do exactly what you want to achieve.

Guys, i know that, but my BOM is not showing up at the same position on all pages. I know i can reorganised the all document so the BOM are always in the same spot but thats not my request.

Heres another example: i did a siteplan with more than 100x lttle fire extinguisher symbol, the event was to happen in China, so the client ask me to change the synbol for their Chinese extinguisher symbol. I had to reposition all of them. But with my feature, i would have modify only one.

Thanks for your help though. I’m sure your suggestion will help some.

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I really think this is a must have feature, and the lack of it, it’s one of the main reasons I don`t use layout as my primary layout tool.

It would be really important that if you create some sort of LINKED GROUP (let’s call it that way), this one can be grouped or vice-versa.

Example: Let’s say, my little extinguisher symbols need numbers (just like a bloc attribut in acad) You can have in a group, a text box and the symbol. So the number can be custom but the extinguisher is linked. Just like the relation group/component have in sketchup. This is the most brilliant feature sketchup has.

Sketchup 2017 is out, Nice new feature but that one has been forgotten. This feature should be a PRIORITY in feature requests. I know a few people who doesn’t buy sketchup pro only because of that lack.

It would be cool if you could update items via scrapbooks. That would solve your issue, but now, once it is placed there is no option to update should you revise an element from the scrapbooks unless it is SU derived.

This is an idea!.. imagine: you select all the symbol on the page, then right click over a new symbol in the scrapbook, and select an option like: “Update selected” then all your selected symbol become the new symbol.

Hi all-

FYI This is one of the top feature requests, and something that the team really wants to get done.

Here’s a workaround for the fire extinguisher scenario - make a SketchUp model that’s a 2d model of a fire extinguisher. Then, insert that model into LayOut. We used this strategy in the “3d arrows” scrapbook. (This may affect performance a bit, so your mileage may vary if you’re already pushing the limits.)


Hi Marc, your workaround is a good idea… but hearing from the sketchup team that this is a top feature make me feel REALLY good! Thanks :grin: