In 3D warehouse can't enable comments

In my model Home Theater Speaker Set and several others I noticed comments are disabled. When I try to enable after clicking on save I get the response “Something went wrong while saving changes to your model. Please try again.”

How to fix please

There were some recent changes made to the 3D Warehouse. I wonder if anything changed regarding comments and Make users. Perhaps @TheGuz has some info.

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Thanks for the reply but no buz from The Guz may b cuz possibly not checking messages? I don’t think affects all Makers as doesn’t affect all models. Went thru about half and found 9 (out of maybe 60 total) of which 2 was able to enable. Have found work around for others but is quite some effort

Looks like the issue has been mostly resolved. Just a few remain needing fix which I can take care of. Thanks.

Thread can be closed.

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