Improvements to Layout

Here are suggestions for two small improvements to Layout.

1. Increase print options
When you print, you only have two options: print whole document or a range. Many print dialog boxes in other software allow you to input a series which can include individual pages and ranges, normally separated by a semi-colon. Why not Layout?

2. “Page total” auto-text
Similarly, in other software, it is possible to get both the Page Number and Page Total as auto-text. In a multi-page document, that allows you to input “PageNumber” of “PageTotal” and have it update automatically as you add or remove pages. Why not Layout?


Good suggestions.

I can think of a number of other features to prioritize in front of increasing the print options since one can export a PDF and use something like Adobe Reader to choose which pages to print or set other print options.

Page Total auto text would certainly be a nice one to have. I wonder if when the LO API is fully opened what other sorts of aut text options might be possible through extensions.

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