Improvements I have always dreamed of for Sketchup

It would be really cool if the sketchup were these improvements:

  1. Optimize the Fly & Walk tool (same as the blender 3D);
  2. Improving the performance of the viewport is very heavy;
  3. Geometry based on vertices, edges and faces;
  4. Improve the scene transitions of the animations;
  5. Use the Layout inside the sketchup (same as AutoCAD);

Five items that would completely change the face of the program, but of course without touching the essence of sketchup, which is the ease and speed with which 3D projects are created. What do you think?

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In SU there is no “Fly & Walk” tool. So it can not be optimized. (I have no idea about blender)

What does it mean if viewport very heavy?

Yes. Currently the geometry is based on vertices, edges and faces. And?

What is your problem with it?

NO! Never! (and same NO)


Can you elaborate what you mean? Better controls? Better performance?

Yup! Everyone wants this and I think pretty much every version has some sort of performance improvement.

This sounds just like what SketchUp already does. All geometry is based on vertices, as opposed to smooth curves using control points.

Again, could you elobarte. What aspect of scene transitions could be improved? The camera path? The performance?

I really don’t see how this would help. I much rather have several programs with a very clear scope than one with an unclear scope that does several tasks. That said, LayOut could be made a lot more consistent to SketchUp with axis locks, inference, selection, moving, rotating, menu organization and a lot more.

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    In Sketchup there is a tool that makes the camera move through the scene, it is symbolized by two feet. The only way I know how to use it is by typing the height of the camera and controlling the camera with the left mouse button, you cannot have precise control with this method. The idea would be to use the keys to control the direction of the camera, and the movement of the mouse to control the rotation of the camera instead of the left mouse button (tool that rotates the camera that is the eye tool). The control would be much better to move the camera around the scene. This would be very good for placing the camera on the scene more accurately.

    When the scene starts to have about 30mb of file the scene already starts to get heavy and the camera movement starts to lose fluidity and if the shadows are activated, the camera locks up. This could be improved in some way and made the scene more fluid.

    True every 3D object is formed by vertices, edges and faces; however in Sketchup I can’t manipulate the vertices unless we buy a plugin. And that’s where there could be an improvement because it would be really cool to be able to create better geometries for the scenes.

    I always found the camera movement to be very slow, but even changing the values ​​in the settings improved.

    I think it’s better than having two programs open at the same time. But it’s not really important in that, either, I agree.

Items 4 and 5 I don’t think are important, but I put them to know your opinion. Item 1 exists in Sketchup, but with a different name and since it could be optimized in this way to make the use of the tool more fluid. Item 3 would be a big step for sketchup but it is not important, but item 2 face trimble urgently needs to fix this I use other software and whenever I export the Sketchup scene to them I have fluidity, something I don’t have in Sketchup. In the end, I don’t want to offend anyone. Sorry if I did that, I had no intention. It’s just my opinion as a user of Sketchup for almost 10 years. This wonderful software starts in the 3D world so it has a big space in my heart.

I can:


Generally asking to change an application to be “like” or “same as” some other application will not be accepted by many. SketchUp works the way it does by design. It specifically was designed to be not like AutoCAD and so SketchUp has been called the “unCAD”.

Game style key-controlled fly-through has been requested previously. It is not likely the current Walk tool will be changed, but a new tool might be implemented.

I would suggest looking for an extension instead of waiting for such a tool. Reason is some users have asked to have such a tool work like Unity, others like Unreal, etc. A native tool is not likely to please everyone. This is where extensions could “shine”. :sunny:

Trimble is always improving the view rendering of SketchUp.

However, SketchUp is designed to be a modeler, not a presentation app. Presentation styles and shadows etc., should only be used in a presentation scene page for printing, plotting or image / video output.

Modeling should be done in a model scene using a fast style with shadows off, no endpoints, no profiles, no jitter, and textures off (unless temporarily manipulating textures.)

If you were speaking of ThomThom’s VertexTools, as @dezmo showed you can manipulate veties using the Move Tool.

I’m not sure what you are trying to say. Does changing the global model scene settings help ?

Beyond this, each scene is actually able to have it’s own delay and transition time, but the native GUI does not yet expose these settings. There are extensions that do allow you to set per scene times and even do more to control animations. Again, I suggest looking at some of the animation extensions.

While I myself was used to the way viewports and paperspace and modelspace worked in AutoCAD, LayOut is a separate application programmed using a different framework than SketchUp. Combining the two codebases is probably too costly and would be too time consuming.

Since I don’t use LayOut much this doesn’t bother me much. There are quite a few other users who have no need for LayOut’s paperspace, so having the modeler as a separate application has allowed the company that owns SketchUp to deploy modeler only editions (ie, desktop Make and the web editions: Free and Shop.)