Impressive work from KaranaK


Hi everyone, today I found very nice image modeled with SketchUp by Alexey Pyatov from Russia.

Here is the prove this is modeled in SketchUp.

Here are more images from this guy


I need to up my game :sweat_smile:


I thought about you when I found this :wink:


Yeah I have been following him for years now, he used to do some awesome vehicle/car design a few years back.


The parts are also up for sale now:


Sounds sad, that he is selling parts of this station. It’s like selling pyramid bricks.


I have to admit, I understand his motivations and business mindset. If you don’t know how to make this stuff… you can buy it and I’ll make it available to you (for a price). Many an artist on SketchUcation can support their grocery budget at times because of this. Not only there… but other places we buy assets we don’t have time to model ourselves. It’s not sad to see that a SU user can make “some” sort of business out of his personal investment. It’s called art. And artists need to sell paintings to live. No difference here.



The twitter links appear broken to me.

All my career, I’ve had to create stuff that functions, but I marvel at the ability of others to just make up fictitious stuff that looks convincing. Amazing.


Strange, because for me links are working.


I’m guessing there’s some kind of social media permissions thing? What I see here is this:

Edit: If I follow the link, I see stuff.