Importing stl files missing ALL color values textures

EVERY stl file I import into Google Sketchup is missing ALL color values and textures.

EVERY SINGLE one I import!

I tired this:

and this:

both are missing ALL colors and textures!

There are no texture or material files in those download zip’s, they appear to be un-textured.

Why have them in the screenshots then?

They don’t, only the one photo where it appears it has been painted post printing.

(Edit: Or perhaps they have printed the components in two colours, white and blue)

If you mean the ‘blue’ colour, those are not textures, just the default material applied to all thingverse uploaded mesh’s.

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STL files describe only the surface geometry of a three-dimensional object without any representation of color, texture or other common CAD model attributes.

What difference does it make? Both have some color applied to the faces. You can easily do that.

Why don’t you ask your question at the Thingiverse forums?
BTW, SketchUp is not a Google product.

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I would also check the specs of the printer you are using, full colour printing can get a bit tricky, not all printers were born equal.

I would base your colour choices on the printer you know you are going to use as the existing colour printers use different techniques to varying levels of finishing.

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