Importing SketchUP files into HGTV Home Design for Mac



I have HGTV Home Design and I am try to import a SketchUp 3d file into HGTV Home Design and it’s not working.

What am I doing wrong. Do I have to download Sketch Up Software?

Thanks in advance.


it says you can import 3d Warehouse items, so it’s probably in the File menu…

it’s a totally disconnected software but maybe they have a forum as well…



Hi did you find out anything about that? I have the HGTV HD and I can not download anything from SU 3D. I believe it’s because HGTV HD only accepts the older version of SU files (no longer available for download)? let me know if you figured out something else… tks


The Amazon reviews are not glowing:

I checked the developer site, and couldn’t find any specifications for it at all, so I’m not sure what it can import. There was a question about exporting to SketchUp, so maybe that’s the SketchUp support it has?


Thank you, it’s true they didn’t even mention it on the developer site. I didn’t even know they still sell it on Amazon. I was able to import from SU 3D 3 or 4 yrs ago when I bought the product but not anymore. I guess I am stuck with the few models and materials they have in the sw library…


With SketchUp you can save as back as far as version 3. That would be worth a try.