Importing proble

I have a .dxf file containing 3d line work.
I want to import in Sketchup Pro 2018 — here in Template — i can not set Default Template as — Google Earth Modeling In Meter … how it will be overcome .

I can not set template Default as Google Earth Modeling in Meters . and for that reason when I importing .dxf after setting all the options (preserve location and unit Meter) and import and doing zoom extent – it is importing but not get any line work … also I want to import Recent plugins like — Instant road NUI, Instant roof NUI,
Instant terrain NUI, Instant wall , Instant site gurder NUI etc and also verious texture material etc …

Kindly give your valuable suggestion to solve the issue
BUT IN Sketchup Pro version 8 Consist Tempalte lib — Google Earth Modeling in Meters

If your DXF uses real map coordinates and you tick the preserve coordinates box the SketchUp model extents might grow too large for Zoom Extents to show anything. What does the Import results dialog show?

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