Importing multiple drawings to a single file while retaining scale?

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In short I’ve messed up.

I’ve drawn four elevations on A3 sized documents at a scale of 1:50. Turns out I need to submit all of these in a single file at A1.

I can’t figure out the best way to import all the four drawings to A1 while retaining scale. Is this possible?

If possible I’d like to use the existing files rather than starting again from the sketchup model as I’ve made adjustments to the layout files that would take some time to do again.

Many thanks

Yes. You can do this. Did you make a multipage A3 doc in LayOut or four separate ones?

In short open a new A1 project and have the A3 document(s) open as well. If you have multiple layers in the A3, create those same layers in the A1. Then select the content from a page in the A3, copy it, and paste it in the A1 document. Repeat for the other four elevations. Unless you change the scale after pasting, the viewports will retain their scale.

I’m guessing you would arrange the four elevation in the four quadrants of the larger sheet. When you paste the contents you copy, they will paste at the same location relative to the top left corner of the A1 sheet as they are on the A3 sheet. So plan your work. Copy the content that’ll be in the lower right quadrant on the larger sheet first. Paste it and move it down where it belongs. Repeat for the lower left and upper right quadrants. Copy and paste the contents for the upper left corner last.

You’re a saint!

Thank you for the speedy reply. I really appreciate your help

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