Importing model issues

i have downloaded the db25 connector from the 3d warehouse. if i open it directly i can see it but then i dont see the red green n blue axes where ever i pan to .
if i import this connector in anyother sketchup projects i dont see it at all… probably its created so far away from origin that i dont see it?

how can i get this component to appear on the origin when i import it ?
iam using sketchup pro 2014.
i am uploading the skp file for the componentDB25 femelle.skp (538.3 KB)

You can activate the checkbox in the style settings (last tab) to show the axes.

There are some problems with that model. You are correct that the contents are far from the origin, but there is also some strange stuff going on that acts as if it has glue to or face camera settings (which it does not, it just behaves that way). Here’s a repaired version that ought to behave better. By the way, there seems to be a bunch of missing geometry on the bottom side of the model - gaps and parts floating free…

DB25 femelle.skp (560.7 KB)

hi I have SKP2014 your model is in skp2015 its not letting me import or open it , can you please it as 2014 model and send it to me ?


Try this one
DB25 femmele 2014.skp (548.6 KB)

Thanks a lot this worked perfectly.