Importing jpeg into sp2021 pro

Good Morning, su2021 pro w11
importing jpeg file all is good but 3 button mouse starts acting weird and the more i fuss with it worse gets just end up finally getting out of su and starting again. Any ideas?

forgot to indicate only gets weird after i expload import

You have to give us something to go on. What do you mean by the mouse acting weird? What exactly does it do?

How are you using the image you’re importing? Texture? Image? Match Photo?

Share the image file so we can see what you are starting with.

testfloorplan.skp (1.1 MB)
attached is the file i am trying to work on. as soon as i expload the jpeg as image my mouse doesn’t
begins to react with jumping all over the screen cant ge back under control. i also am using a 3dex mouse tks

I expect there’s really no connection between the image and your 3DConnexion device. More likely it’s an issue with the GPU. Make sure the graphics drivers are up to date.

In your file the image is a floor plan. What are you planning to do with it that requires you to explode the image after importing it? Exploding the image converts it to a face with a texture on it. If you are planning to trace it to model the floor plan it would make more sense to import the image and leave as an image; don’t explode it.

I see no issues with it when exploded and 3d mousing.
GIF 24-01-2022 12-54-48 PM

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There turned out to be a reason to explode the image. The image isn’t straight, and by exploding the image I could use the texture position pins to fix that. Here’s the file with the floorpan straightened and the right size.

testfloorplan straightened.skp (1.4 MB)

No idea if it will help with the 3D mouse.

Straighting out the image align with the axes does not require exploding it.

If it only needed rotating, sure. But it was inconsistently not straight.