Importing into SketchUp from DataCAD

Are there any datacad users combining with Sketchup? I have been learning to use Sketchup15. I have been using datacad for 20 years. Currently I have Dcad15. I have can import my dcad 3d models into sketchup. If I explode the smart walls into slabs(3d menuse-Explode-TTF to slabs), and export to .skp (Sketchup file type), I am able to paste into sketchup program through import option. The walls and the dcad elements that were originally slabs are able to be manipulated. The smart doors and windows do import. However, I am not able to edit them in sketchup. After exploding in dcad, the identify tool still shows that the object is a smart window. It did not explode. Therefore, how do I explode smart windows and doors into slabs that can be edited in sketchup?
Thanks in advance

It seems likely that they were imported as Groups or Components, in which case you have to open them for edit in SketchUp before you can alter them. Double-click or right-click->Edit Component (or Edit Group) to get into their “context”.

If that isn’t what happened, could you upload a model so that the folks here can take a look and see what is going on?

FYI, the DataCAD site says it exports and imports up to SKP v2014.