Importing From Wharehouse to 2015Pro?

I haven’t had to import anything in a few month but now, all of a sudden I cannot import anything unless I upgrade ??? I call BS! Sounds like autodesk. For years you could import from any version to any version. I am a one man operation and can not afford yearly subscription rates. I paid for a full copy and and even upgraded two years later. Noe the Greedy @#$%@#'s have taken a page out of the Autodesk play book to force us to “upgrade” every year… Not !!!
I’m done with this greed… I’ll go back to sketching with my pencil …


Sorry to see you are so upset about this! Understand that we have to host the near 4 million files on the warehouse, once per version that we support… that means that for the past three version (2019, 2018, and 2017) we are hosting nearly 12 million models. That’s a lot of files to maintain, so we cannot support every version of SketchUp available.

Fortunately, there is a solution! Check out Open Newer Version from Eneroth. Should help you open up those newer version fo SketchUp files!