Importing from Warehouse issue

Hi All,

I’m using a Mac and I’m trying to import a 2d image from warehouse into a floor plan. On my PC it works fine but on the Mac laptop the file is in the components window but I can’t drag it into the drawing. Any ideas on what I’m doing wrong?

Thanks John

It’s hard to say exactly. Maybe it’s under your model? If you share the .skp file I’m sure we can help you sort it out.

Hi Dave thanks
Module 4 Jem V1.skp (161.5 KB)

Which 2D component?

all the toilet and sink ones, I’ve tried a couple. The components I’ve created can be dragged into the drawing but the downloaded one can’t.

You don’t suppose it could be that the toilet components, which are closer to human size are just too small to be seen in your nearly 10 kilometer wde floor plan could be responsible?

The toilets would show up fine with a correctly sized floor plan.

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Yer, that probably has something to do with it. Is it easy to change the template scales to mm not metres?

Thanks for your help.

Well, to start, change the units for this model to millimeters in Window>Model Info>Units. Then use the Tape Measure tool to measure between the corners I show the dimensions connected to making sure you click at each one. type 9600mm and press Enter.

If your template is set to start you in meters, open a new file and change the units. Then save immediately as a template and make it your default.

Perfect, thank you.