Importing Bitmap Images into Layout at DPI Scale

I use SU/Layout 2020 on Windows. It would be useful to set the dpi scale at which Layout imports bitmap images. In my case, as the Windows version doesn’t import PDFs, a 3300x2550 pixel PNG (11"x8 1/2" @ 300 dpi) comes into Layout at something other than that resolution (96 dpi, maybe). So I have to drag the corners to those of the sheet in order for it to be the proper size. It would be nice not having to do that. Something like scaling the bitmaps for SU materials would be useful.

Does the image have the DPI number embedded? What size does it show if you open it with an image editor?

It’s 3300x2550. I plotted an 8 1/2"x11" sheet from AutoCAD w/ a PNG driver set at 300 dpi.

FWIW, I exported a PNG image from a 8 1/2"x11" Layout page at 300 dpi, added a new empty page to that same Layout document, inserted the PNG I just created and it did not fill up the page. It came in at about 75% of the page size.

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