Importing AutoCAD files

Agreed. I opened it up in AutoCAD and right-clicked on the hatch and created boundary. Deleted the hatch and saved the file. Comes into SU Pro 22 with no issues.

Edit: To me this is not an AutoCAD error but an operator error.

Maybe check if different import options are set for .dwg and .dxf files? For instance if dwg was set to mm and the file was only 1/8” across it might import too small and fail? But if dxf happens to be set to model units it would complete?

The issue seems to be that it fails consistently for some, very few users, whatever the file.

Hi, I also got a problem with importing a .dwg file into sketchup. I dont know if it is the exporting or saving settings from autoCAD of that the file itself is wrong. In autoCAD itself it looks fine, same with other files. But when importing it into Sketchup, I get the same error every time, where it says some parts are far away from the origin point, even though that is not the case (I am 99% sure) and I have deselected Preserve drawing origin. When then importing a lot of lines are missing from all the layers, and I can’t understand what’s wrong. I added the file, I hope someone can explain to me what needs to be done.
BGT Import - Oranjekwartier.dwg (2.5 MB)

Is this any better? I don’t see much missing. SketchUp won’t import the hatches or other annotation objects. I used Meters as the import unit and unchecked the “Merge coplanar faces” option although there aren’t any faces.
CAD import.skp (1.1 MB)

Thanks for the effort, but it did not change much. When all the tags are visible, it looks like all lines are present and it is one closed drawing. However, when turning off the tags one by one you can see that some lines are missing. This is different than in the CAD drawing, where in every layer the lines are closed. I still don’t know where the exporting goes wrong.

I imported it through this method:

Moved to origin [0;0;0]

Then used Axes tools from the evil empire:

Download SKP:

(link expires 0n 13-04-2024)