Importing Aerial Image Tile from one SketchUp file to another

I downloaded some high res aerial imagery from Placemaker in one SketchUp file, and now I’d like to use it in another model that I already started. Seems like this should be a simple right click save and import but I haven’t seen that option.

Try this:

  • select the image tile > Edit > Copy* (Ctrl+C), go to the other SketchUp file > Edit > Paste in Place.
    *If you cannot select Copy, right-click on the image tile and Unlock first.

Or you can directly import the SketchUp image tile file into a new model file - File > Import > SKP.

Works with image tiles imported via Add location from SketchUp, untested with those imported via Placemaker.

Another option would be to use Save as. to save a new copy of the file with the aerial imagery. Then remove the existing model. Copy and paste the other model in. At least that will ensure the geolocation matches. Remember to purge unused stuff at some point to get rid of unused components and materials.

Thank you for both of your responses…worked great!

You’re welcome!
However, keep in mind Dave’s message, and if you want to add the location in the new model, in addition to importing the image tile, go to Window > Model Info > Geo-Location > Set Manual Location... and add the data from the other file.


Thanks for expanding on this Mihai. I guess I’m still not clear how to save the aerial imagery tile as a separate file. I understand I can copy and paste it, but how do I save it to as a file I can import later, like what you are demonstrating here?

In the file where you downloaded that image tile, select it and Edit > Copy.
Open a new SketchUp session with your other model and Edit > Paste in place (the image tile copied from the original file). Manually add location data. Then File > Save, and this way you will have two SketchUp files, both with that image tile inside.

Again, following on from what I wrote earlier, you could use Save as… to create a new file. Delete everything except your geolocation tiles and purge unused. This will leave you with a file into which you can import your building models as needed and you won’t need to manually set the geo-location. Remember to use Save as after importing your building models so you can keep the original copy of the file unsullied with buildings.

Thank you both Mihai and Dave…I really appreciate your assistance.

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