Importing a dwg/dxf - it goes all black

Does anyone know what is going on here? I am trying to import an Rhino file in sketchup. I saved it in an dwg file, is seems like it is okay but it turned all black and I cannot change the color…

Even if I explode it, and change try to change the color of the parts it will not change.


It’s be useful to have the dwg file that you generated from Rhino…otherwise it’s a bit difficult to know what might be going wrong.

definitief ontwerop 30.01.dwg (374.8 KB)


There is some stray junk in there.
The faces have been painted black, so you need to get into them to paint them, or remove the material.
GIF 18-03-2024 8-14-15 PM

Okay so paint every face itself?

Thank you very much

@box was so quick ! @Carlijn - there you have the answer

You can remove the black and then paint it however you wish.
There is a material hierarchy that you should be aware of
Any material on a face will override any material painted on a group or component.

Anyway in this gif I have removed the black and just painted the whole thing red. But if I had painted it green the single red board would have remained red.
GIF 18-03-2024 8-40-38 PM

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simply tweak the black material