Imported Model invisible?

I imported a yale lockset model because it had handles on both sides & a nice lock 3rd face for open door view. Strangely enough, the grouped doors I set the lock sets up in now appear without the lock-sets. I imported the same set again & realized the parts where invisible. Is it a copy-right time limit or was it a purge of unused layers. Some models add additional layers to the model indicating the author of the import & get deleted on purge. Thanks for any assistance in advance. The lock-set was the better one I could find in 3Dwarehouse.

Could you give us a link to the lockset model? It might be a layers thing and it might be something else. Seeing the model will surely help to clear it up.

yale lockset something pacific beach at 3dwarehouse. sorry I change the model name & save it to a model folder so that I can import them latter. Can I paste the model or just use an image?

I tried the one named “Yale Lockset Pacific Beach PBR” and had no issues. It didn’t bring in any layers or anything else weird that I can see. I also moved it inside a door component, again without issue. Could you upload the model in which you encountered this problem? Maybe there is something specific to it.

You could upload your model by clicking on the Upload button at the top of the text window when making a reply. Best to attach the SKP.

It’s a massive model but let me try re importing first. Even the second import is gone.

You can upload a model or image of size <= 3MB by clicking this button.

If it is too large, you can upload to the 3D Warehouse, make it public, and share the name or link here.

thanks, I’m on it will try posting the lockset.

That component has glue-to set. Possibly that is affecting your use of it.

Glued to wrong face?


This is the lockset that’s invisible in my model. Only the bounding box shows up in the model then disappears. Weird.

This is the image of the same lockset copied from one drawing file to another. Will try importing again.

Hmm. I downloaded and opened the model you posted, and here’s what I get. I notice that this one (not the same as I got earlier) introduces its own layer into the model.

slbaumgartner, what is the name of the layer. I probably purged it. I might also have placed the model on a different layer other than 0 before I put it in the group or component? Checking now. Layers name something like Pacific Beach?

The layer is PacificBeachPBE

Very strange that the component file exists & shows 2 instances. I put 10 instances in 5 double door groups yesterday after they had disappeared from the day before. I had purged the unused layers & lost the ‘Pacific-beach’ layer the first day & now the instances show up as the two I imported today but they are blank. They have entities within them but once I try to edit they disappear as well. Can I purge the component & re -download. Even the folder I saved it in doesn’t show the file but access it when I type the file name. Very strange. Windows 10? Internet is acting up. Can’t upload screen shot.

Just reloaded from 3dwarehouse & it’s still invisible & un-editable. Might be the Mexican internet. The modems acting up with a shower of rain. Telmex, infinitum modem. Left a comment on warehouse site but should have left it on ‘Yale’ specifically.

A random thought just ran through my mind. Have you turned on View->Hidden Geometry to make sure you didn’t somehow hide the contents of the lockset?

Just re-downloaded the other ‘Yale-Monroe’ lockset to model folder & imported it from there to .skp the bounding box was empty so I scrolled down to the layer ‘PacificBeachPBE’ & turned it on & voila it appeared. I’ll have to set up the component in 0 layer, move it to DOORS layer then try to move the contents of ‘PacificbeachPBE’ to DOORS?