Imported DXF without Faces

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I tried to import an illustration from Illustrator (via the DXF-Format). As you can see in the screenshot it worked - but without creating Faces. I want to use the Push/Full function on it - but it doesn’t work. The Silhouette of the Native American consists of tons of lines which seem to be connected to each other. I can select every single line. And when I double click on the outline the whole part is colored blue (I guess that’s the proof that the lines are connected) The blue box in the screenshot is because I made a group of this part. Does anyone know how to fix it so I can create a 3D object out of it? Thanks in advance, Thomas

Re-drawing an edge that is part of a closed co-planar loop should make a face appear. To automate the process, you can download and install the Find Faces plugin, or make a large rectangle under your imported lines and use the Drape command (Sandbox tools) to glue them to it. If your linework contains lines that don’t join others at their end, faces might not form.

If your model is very small, with edges shorter than about 1 mm, faces might not form. In that case scale your whole model up by 10 or 100 and scale it back down when finished.


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Thank you so much, Anssi! It worked perfectly with the Sandbox Drape command! Great help!


PS: The Find Faces plugin isn’t available in the Extension Warehouse, right?

Sorry, senior moment - it is called Make Faces. It can be found at


MakeFaces is at

Smustard(TM) - the Companion to Sketchup(TM) - MakeFaces :wink: