Import vector file

I’m trying to import a scaled plan/elevation document into LayOut. Result is crisp lines even at highest magnification but the program takes about 15s to respond to any move, which would seem to indicate a massive amount of processing. Once I’ve adjusted scale, is there a way to ‘flatten’ the vector and improve LayOut editing performance?

perhaps you need to clarify a bit more…what type of vector file are you trying to import? dwg, dxf, pdf etc What software generated it?

“Flatten” Layout is 2d software… flattening normally is a process with 3d data, compressing it into a 2d plane… are you trying to import a 3d vector file into LO?..or are you referring to reducing the complexity of the 2d linework? (eg reduce line segments on curves?)

Are you trying to import directly into LO or import into Sketchup and view in LO?

What are you trying to achieve with this import? is it purely for reference?, do you want to edit it also in LO?

Do you have access to the software that generated the original file ? ie can you edit the original file to simplify it there?

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