Import Rubies

How do I import the various rubies i use in my older version of SU into the current version (2021Pro)?

Generally speaking, don’t do that.

Find a fresh source for your extensions or plugins and download them again - most commonly from either Extension Warehouse or SketchUcation plugin store.

They may have needed an update to work with later versions of SU, and even if they don’t, some need an installer to run, over and above just clicking [Install extension] in the Extension Manager window.

Just copying might work, but might well not. And won’t get you the latest versions anyway, if there’s been an update since your earlier versions.

And don’t forget that a few extensions ALSO need a library file to be separately installed first - popular authors Fredo and ThomThom are cases in point. Many (though not all) of Fredo’s need LibFredo6, and many of ThomThom’s need TT_Lib. Check for other similar cases.

After you finish installation, it’s good practice to restart SU. Not all extensions need this, but some do.

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Extremely useful! The main reason I wanted to import the rubies is that I can’t fine the one I use mostly in the Extension Warehouse. It was called, TF Ruby, but it isn’t listed anymore. What to do?

A simple Google search would turn them up.

Not sure he’s been keeping them up to date but you can try the newest one and see.

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You are a better sleuth than I! Thanks for your help. Very much appreciated. M

You probably aren’t wearing your deerstalker right. :crazy_face: