Import Photo - Sketchup 2016 Pro

When I import a photo and want to attach it to a face - it will not connect to the corner of a box for example. etc. It works flawlessly on Sketchup Pro 2015, but does not work on 2016. The photo goes behind the face. The workaround is that you click anywhere on the face and then you can pull up the photo, but you have to resize it or use the move tool to get it to anchor to the corner. This is definitely a bug and needs to be fixed!

Update: I found that I can fix this by going into Preferences, Drawing, Click Style -> changing the click style to click-drag-release.

Are you importing the image as an image or as a texture?

I have it set to Auto-detect on mine and that works well. I’m not sure why that would change what you’re getting with the image, though.

And it wouldn’t be different with 2015 and 2016…