Import old version drawings into My.SketchUp



I’ve been using SU 2016 via WINE because I use Ubuntu as my OS.

I’d like to start using My.SketchUp which looks as if it will do I need for my personal use. However I have a number of previous drawings created with SU 2016. My question is simple can I import these into My.SketchUp?

Recreating them is an option I know, but I’d prefer to be able to “bring” them in for editing. I hand make furniture and often leave a design to “cook away quietly” then make modifications.

I’m sorry if this has been answered previously, if it has I could not find the post.

Any comments will be appreciated.



Simple answer, yes, you can open your SU2016 files in SketchUp Free.


Thanks for the prompt response Dave, much appreciated. I’ve managed to import what I needed.
It is comforting to have access to advice soundly based on knowledge.



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