Import models from Memento into Sketchup

I searched “Memento” and found no posts. Is anyone taking models from Memento and importing them into Sketchup? I haven’t had much luck. I was able to export an .fbx file from Memento, open it in Houdini and then export to a .dxf file. The model imports but my issue is that I’m not getting the textures to go along with it. I tried projecting the texture from the top but it doesn’t work well. I was projecting an image taken from and orthographic camera looking down at the model (in Houdini).

Maybe .dxf isn’t the way to go. I wish Sketchup would import fbx.
Maybe try getting my fbx converted into a 3ds file?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

A DXF or DWG file don’t carry material or texture information. AutoCad can store its internal rendering parameters into the XDATA in a DWG, but they aren’t readable by any external applications.


This helped me. I only tried the SimLab FBX Importer since it worked exactly how I wanted.
Only had to scale and rotate, textures came mapped, very nice.

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