Import from OS X Finder TAGS



Since Apple introduced Tags in Finder I’m heavily use them to quickly find my files, but Sketchup doesn’t let me select files using tags. This is a bug.


Not having a problem with tags with SU on IMac and SU 2017 but i’m using Yosemite not Sierra


Works for me on Sierra.


AAre you saying that inside Sketchup you select Open (cmd+O) than select a Finder Tag from the menu, and it shows you your tagged folder?

Because doing this it only shows me .skp tagged file, not others.


I’m having the same thing although intermittently on Sierra. I think it’s an Apple bug as it happens in other programmes too - even Apple native ones like Pages.


OK, I used a skp file, and it worked. You didn’t say importing other file types. It didn’t work on File->Import->KMZ, and it did on TextEdit. I’ll write a bug for it, but usually on system things like this they come along for free (like searching help menus, color panels, font panels, etc…), so we’ll see.


Yeah, you’re right. It seems an Apple macOS bug.


Anyway… It seems it’s a macOS bug, not a Sketchup one. So, let’s wait :slight_smile: