Import/export .bfb files in SketchUp?

I’m looking to mod some older games, at the moment zoo tycoon 1 & 2 specifically. However they seem to be using a .bfb format for their in game data. So I can’t see what size textures I should be using, polygon count, or skeleton rigging, that I need to do, and even the stuff I already have made is useless since I can’t get the engine to accept alternate file formats correctly. I tried using .nif files but they prove to be buggy.

So is there a way to import .bfb files into sketchup?

Not natively, but perhaps via an extension.

The only dedicated game modder extension I know of is:

A specific search for “bfb” in the Extension Warehouse brings no results.

It is most likely you’ll need to export as STL (or OBJ) and then convert externally with some utility like MeshLab or NetFab.

SketchUp has a free STL exporter.

SketchUp was designed for architecture. It has no native skeleton objects nor skeletal rigging features.

Window (menu) > Model Info (dialog) > Statistics (panel)