Import dxf into sketchup what template to use in sketchup as I need to import into easel

Hi I have a file that I bought dxf format and imported into sketchup. I opened it in all the template options, the simple option in sketchup only gives me the meter or inches options. I scaled it to my size I want the chair to be but if I import it in easel it goes much smaller. I have also tried to open it in architectural template (mm) as I work in mm in easel, but if I do it in architectural view it is also not the right size when I open it in easel. Can someone advise in what settings or template should I import my chair in sketchup to scale it and that will import correctly in easel.

The template you use isn’t the issue, it is the import and export options.
Since you have incorrectly filled in your forum profile I cannot tell whether you need specifics for Windows or Mac.
Basically when you Import the dxf there is an options button on the import dialog that allows you to set the import units and some other parameters.
Then there is also one on the export dialog.
So you get to choose how big on the way in and on the way out.