Import dwg to sktchup 2018 plug ins


i hope someone will be able to help me here.
i had sketchup 2017 and my teacher gave me 2 plugins “makefaces” & “progressbar”, both with a “rb” ending.
they made it possible to import a dwg to sktup as a solid shape. so you can take the entire shape and offset it, instead of dealing with lines and make it a componenet and start drawing new lines on the one we imported.

for my question :slightly_smiling_face:
now i have sktchup 2018, and the plugins not working.
are there any other plugins? or maybe i need to put them in the sketchup folder under “my computer” in a specific folder?

plssssss help me

Someone can help? Please

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Download the most recent version of MakeFaces. You won’t need the ProgressBar ruby. Use a utility such as 7zip to put MakeFaces.rb into a zip file. Then change the extension from .zip to .rbz. Finally, use Install Extension in the Extension Manager in SketchUp 2018 to install it.