Import a SU model into placemaker and vice versa

When I import a SU model into a model with Placemaker images, buildings and terrain, the SU model is invisible.

Vice Versa, when I import a SU file with Placemaker images, buildings and terrain into another SU model it disappears. YET… I see the Placemaker features are in my tags.

Can you share an example file? Is it possible that the SketchUp model is behind or inside the Placemaker content? Can you see the building group in Outliner? If so, select it in Outliner, right click on it, choose Zoom Selection. Can you see it?

Is it possible your model is incorrectly sized compared to the Placemaker content?

If you share your .skp file we can take a look and skip the guessing phase.

I just found it before I came back and saw your answer. model with placemaker info had loaded the equivalent of miles away in my sketchup model.

That was my other question but I forgot to write it. Glad you got it sorted out.