Import a cropped JPG


I am experiencing an odd problem. Using SU 8 with LO 3. I export a jpg from SU. I then open the jpg using MS Picture Manager and crop the image. I save to my folder. I then go into LO and insert the image into my LO document. Everything worked great all evening until this last photo. Every time I insert, I get the “raw image”, that is, before cropping. I cannot insert the cropped image, yet I click on it every time to insert, but instead of the cropped image, I get the raw image. I have played around with it for the last 45 minutes. Can’t figure out. Every cropped image prior to this one inserted perfectly, yet LO won’t find this saved cropped image. Any suggestions?


What is the status of the image in File menu>Document setup>References? Is the link pointing to the correct image file? Is it waiting to be updated? Did you try to Relink it?