Images into Layout

Trying to copy and paste some diagrams from a PDF in Acrobat to Layout. It lets me copy but
when I paste I just get a straight blue line.

Can you save them and then do File->Insert? It’s a better way to do it than the pasteboard, because it’ll track the document anyway.

I cannot save this particular image off another pdf onto my desktop, so I
have another to insert

Some applications put multiple types of information on the clipboard, and LayOut has to chose which one the user actually wants to paste. We’ve seen some issues where LayOut finds text on the clipboard, but that text doesn’t render to anything that the user can actually see.

I’d recommend pasting the image into a specific image editor software, save it to disk as an image, and then insert it into LayOut.


Poor man’s method: Cmd-Ctrl-Shift-4, select it, paste into Preview (cmd-shift-n), save, import into LayOut, or paste THAT image into LayOut directly. I probably do that 5 times daily… Res may not be what you want, but there are other ways around that.

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