Images in component don't render in position?

Hi. ive just come across a problem that’s got me scratching my head. I’ve modelled a number of traffic signs using imported jpegs as their faces but when ive gone to see what they render out like, they have all moved? any ideas?
Sketchup pro 2016 for windows on windows 7. ***Update - apparently new users can only post 1 picture, i did have a picture of my sketchup screen that showed the sign faces sat perfectly on the components.

What happens if you explode the images in the components so they become textures?

Apparently it fixes it! i had already exploded the component (which includes the frame, image and backing board to stop the sign showing on the other side) and it did nothing, but when i exploded the image and backing board which id made a group it worked? any idea whay i cant make them a component?


You should be able to make signs components. Just explode the images so you get a texture on a face.

No need to explode the sign component to explode the image. Just open the sign component for editing, right click on the image and choose Explode.

Awesome! just done that, exploded the image and then made it a component again. Thanks for your help, its really appreciated.

Keep in mind that the image wasn’t a component before you exploded it and made the painted face a component.

Happy it worked.

Going forward, if you are making more of these sorts of things, just import them as a material in the first place and apply them to a rectangle drawn to the required size.

Thanks. That’s actually what i tried to do initially but when i brought the image in as a material i couldn’t get it to latch on to the rectangle that i’d drawn. “Every day’s a school day”.

If the rectangle was inside a component and the component is not open for editing, you wouldn’t be able to apply the image to the face.

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You hit the nail on the head! I didn’t even take into account that i had created a group beforehand. Thanks again, its the first time ive used this community and as im fairly new to Sketchup i can guarantee it wont be the last! ha. Cheers Dave.

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