Image size when importing

Importing Image to SU 2020 Pro .
making image to material.
connect image to group or component.
image shows mirrored sometime, sometimes not. Why is this?
Is there any work around?

Image size must be set in entity, allthough the size matches the surface to connect.
Why is this?

Can you upload a sample that shows this?

What method are you using to import the image and get it to be a texture?

painting ‘back faces’ vs ‘front faces’…


Here we go with a sample. Use as material

Can’t really tell much from the screen shot. Can you share the .skp file?

what do you mean by “painting” ?
Where to switch option located? (I´m using german version)

neu-3x3-gestell-eco.skp (662.7 KB)

Can you share the original image you are importing, too?

John was correct. the sides of your canopy are reversed.

Also, when you apply the image as a material, make sure you are applying it to the face and not a group.

how to solve this?

Dig in to the overly nested groups until you can select the face. Then right click on it and choose Reverse Faces. Then, while you are in there, apply the texture to the face. You should see something like this:

Question: Is there some reason you have each of the faces of the canopy in a separate group?

If the entire canopy was a single group or component, it would be much easier to work with.

thanks a lot.

Yes they all can get different images…

They can still all get different images. When you apply the images, apply them to the faces. Doing this is better practice than painting the group wrappers and it gives you better control over the position of the image.

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great support, you get big like :hugs:

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Thank you.

FWIW, as your model is, you’ve got overlapping faces for the top triangular portion. There are the four triangular shapes at the left in my screen shot and then another component on the right that is four triangular faces.

The inside could be in different color, that´s why i doubled these faces.
Sometime we print outside and prints are shining through faces.
In screenprints we will have colored canopy and that color is other than white. Prints will not shine through on backside.

You can paint the back faces separately.

Here I’ve simplified the canopy to a single component. I corrected the face orientation so all of the blue back faces are on the inside and the white front faces are out.

And I painted the inside back faces with different colors that already exist in your model. Every face could get a different image if you want to do that, too. If you apply images with text to the back faces, though, you’ll need to flip them to get them to appear correctly.

whow, it can be easy like that.
Thanks again