Image imports wrong way - how can i change it?

I thought I will get it right this time with a new image to the envelope. The image is too long to fit the envelope from left to right and needs to be moved (rotates) so that it can be turned to fit envelope the other way round (length wise). If I add it underneath the envelope it goes only one way. The rotation is a real nightmare!

I don’t want you to do it for me, rather describe steps so that I can learn this!

EDIT: Got the images to rotate but it’s a slow learning process!

Attach is the images I want to use for back and front and the actual envelope.

NEW ENVELOPE 1.skp (3.3 MB)

Just double checking … you got things figured out o.k. ?

p.s. - looking at your screenshot you still need to reverse some of the faces on the pillow.

once you apply the pattern you could use the “sketchUV mapping tools” to move the image to fit. it can be scaled in either or both directions and rotated etc.


Thank you for this info too - something I will keep in mind. I am actually a beginner and needs to learn all the tips and tricks I can get hold off!

I have managed to get the rotate tool to go the way I want it, but it’s still a wobbly thing for me to get used too.


Sorry, missed your reply - yes, I have just posted my render. Thanks for checking! :smiley:

not sure how you are rotating, but when importing an item the “inferencing” can make things difficult if your cursor is on existing curved geometry. Easier to lay it flat elsewhere and then bring it into position. Are you using the small red crosshairs to rotate ( as i show here) or the rotate tool?
once you have it over the top of your pillow you can use the transparency/x-ray mode to better see how its positioned.

As a beginner only, I have used the rotate tool and the file was actually at that stage of doing, sideways. Your help is much appreciated! I will have to practice using the rotate feature more.

By the way, I notice in your short video an old texture showing though it was removed. It didn’t affect the model though but I was just wondering if it is then still hidden? :thinking:


The old texture was on the inside surface of the bag, You can see it because the view mode was set to “x-ray” temporarily in the video. Once you’ve corrected the direction of the faces (front face / back face) and applied the new texture(s) as demonstrated above, it shouldn’t be in the bag anymore. You reverse faces by right click onto an active surface and selecting “reverse faces” in the contextual menu. If you have more than one face pre-selected it will reverse all the selected faces.

I noticed that previously you had textures applied to the back (bluish) faces. It can be confusing in some models to keep this straight, but try to keep textures off back faces, except in special cases (like transparency). It will help avoid greater confusion in the long run.